FlyBoards FlyRadical M Test – Englisch

Flyboards FlyRadical M Test

Winter in El Gouna not only offers lots of training time, one also has the opportunity to test new material. I tested the FlyRadical from FlyBoards for the first time last week.

After over 8 years of gathering board competition and material experience from the custom forges Adrenalin, Cabrinha, Brunotti, Slingshot, Naish, Nobile, North, Balance, Xellerator and more, I have certainly managed to collect some very good and not-so-good impressions on ride performance.

The FlyRadical offers a super performance in the choppy waters off of El Gouna. Ride speed is more than fast, and the board rides upwind almost unaided. The FlyBoard – FlyRadical M rides like a much smaller, error-forgiving yet still radical board. It combines the agile performance of a smaller board with the even-temperedness of a cruiser. The entire high-end of the line offers a board that is truly for everyone, and YOU decide your own limits!

Now for the technical details:

The FlyRadical has a full woodcore. It measures 134 x 39,5 cm and has 5cm fins. The concave is approximately 4-5 mm that runs out very harmoniously a few centimeters before the tips and sides. The shape is asymmetric. This means that the outline and the flex are adjusted for the heels and toes. The toe side is built softer and lower for switched riding and landing, in order to pressure and control the board better.

The heel side has been designed somewhat stiffer and straighter for better upwind performance and so that the heel side can be pressured more strongly. Ergo, better pop.

In order to measure the flex, the FlyBoard designers have developed their own machine in order to measure the different charge states exactly to the millimeter. For this reason, the board is very stiff in the middle and is continuously softer leading to the tips. The board is very soft at the fins. It has a constant Scoop-Rocker of approximately 22 mm.FlysurferFlyboards use highly scratch-resistant Top Sheets made in Germany, in order to protect the board. The edges are made with PE and ABS.

Summary: I have never felt so at home on a 134er board before riding the FlyRadical M. This is the best board in this size that I have ever ridden, and it provides endless fun during kiteloops, wakestyle tricks and when running upwind at top speed. Calibration of the ride quality thoroughly impressed me, which is apparent in the photos. If I could just use my Synergy binding on it, everything would be perfect!